Window Safety

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Window safety is something that we don’t really think about.  Perhaps it’s because we take the windows in our homes for granted.  We enjoy the light they let in, and the views through them.  We assume they’ll open when we want and lock when needed.

But today’s windows are much more than just sliding panes of glass.  Window technology has advanced over the decades.  As a result, there is engineering involved in windows, often unseen, that allow them to be used with ease.

While we consider them a simple device, windows still have some risk attached to them, especially when there are children in the home.  The following Dos and Don’ts from Andersen Windows will keep your home safe and beautiful.


Window Safety Dos:

·       Close and lock windows.

·       Position beds and other furniture away from windows.

·       Keep blinds, cords, drapes, etc. out of children’s reach.

·       Consider installing window opening control devices or window guards.

·       Keep patio doors, storm doors and entrance doors locked.

·       Consider window placement when landscaping your home. Plant shrubs under windows.

·       Develop a family escape plan.

·       Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in

·       working condition.

Window Safety Don’ts:

·       Don’t leave young children unsupervised.

·       Don’t depend on insect screens to keep children from falling out of windows.

·       Don’t apply energy-efficient films and coverings to windows designated in your family emergency plan as escape or rescue windows.

·       Don’t paint, nail or weatherstrip windows shut.

·       Don’t forget about window and door safety when making repairs to the interior or exterior of your home.