Screens: Removing and Replacing on a Double Hung Window

LW replacing Screen.png

Over time, your window screens can become worn or damaged.  When that happens you’ll need to remove the old ones and replace them with new screens.  Here’s how to do that if you have double hung windows.

Removing the Old Screen

Start by unlocking the window and opening it as much as possible.  On the right side of the screen frame you will see a groove known as the finger pull.  Place your fingers in them and slide the screen to the left.  It will give because there is a spring on the left side of the screen frame.

With the right side loose, you can now remove the screen from the channel by moving the right side out and away from the house.  Grab the left side of the screen frame and orient it so it is flat.  Then you can rotate the screen and pull it back inside through the window opening.

Installing the New Screens

With the new screen in hand, move it through the window opening, oriented the same as when you removed the old screen.  Position it outside of the house so that the spring on the left side of the frame is in position against the screen channel.

Move the right side of the frame back toward the window opening. Then, with your fingers in the finger pull, push the screen to the left and gently pull the right side of the screen frame into its channel.

Release the pressure and the screen should stay in place.

Screen Maintenance

Each spring it’s a good idea to remove your screen and inspect them for wear or damage. You can also clean your screen by taking them outside and spraying them with a hose.  Keeping the screens cleaned and in good shape will help them have a longer life.