Screen: Removing and Replacing on a Slider Window

Removing Screen on Slider Window.png

 Over time, a window screen can become worn or damaged.  When that happens you’ll need to remove the old one and replace it with a new screen.  Here’s how to do that if you have double a slider window.

 Removing the Old Screen

Unlock the window latches and slide the right sash so that it is in the middle of the frame.  Then slide the lift sash to the middle, also.  Next, place your fingers in the groove at the bottom of the screen frame and push up.  There are small spring clips at the top of the frame, so it will give.  When it does move the bottom of the frame out away from the house.

Then slide both sashes to the left, rotate the frame so it will pass through the opening, and bring it inside.

Installing New Screens

Position the new screen so it will pass through the opening and move it outside of the house.  Bring it back toward the window with the spring clips facing up.  Slide the top of the frame into the track and gently push up.

Hold the screen in position with your right hand as you slide both sashes back to the middle.  Then grab the bottom of the frame with your left hand and pull it into place.  You will need to move your fingertips into the groove at the bottom.  Once in place, release the upward pressure and the screen will move downward into place.

Installing Half Screens

If your window has half screens, then simply slide both sashes to the left and repeat the same steps to remove and install the screens.  When installing, you can leave a small gap to the right for better handling.  Once in the channel, you can slide them to the right, getting it into its proper position.