Double Hung Windows: How to Clean Them

While we all know how to open and close our Simonton’s double hung windows, sometimes understanding how to any other operations can be confusing.  Take cleaning them, for example.  What to do on the inside surface of the window is pretty straight forward.  But what do you do with the outside?

 Cleaning Your Double Hung Windows

Let’s start with the lower sash.  The inside surface is easy.  But cleaning the exterior side can be just as simple.  Start with unlocking the window and opening it about an inch.  Then run your hands over the top surface until you feel two latches located on the sides.  Squeeze them toward the middle of the window and it will tilt inwards.

Just let it hang down against the sill.  Trying to hold it at a 90-degree angle might cause the sash to come out of the frame.  Now you’re ready to clean the outside surface.

Cleaning the upper sash works the same.  Lower it an inch or so and run your hands along the top of the frame.  Find the tilt latches and, just as you did with the lower sash, squeeze them inward until it tilts downward, just as the bottom sash did.  Let it rest against the bottom sash and clean away.

How to Double Hung Windows.png

Putting Them Back in Place

When you’re finished with the top sash, tilt upwards toward the frame and move it back into place.  Push it into the frame until you hear it “click” into place.  Then slide the top sash back into position against the top of the frame.

Then repeat these steps for the bottom sash, making sure it “clicks” back into position, as well.  Close and lock the window and move onto the next.

You can learn more about your double-hung window by searching “double-hung window” at