Blinds: How to fix Them in Your Patio Door


Do you have blinds inside the glass panes of your Simonton patio door? Have they stopped working?  While it seems like it might be a difficult thing to fix, it’s actually quite simple. Follow the steps below and your blinds will be working again in no time.  Everything you need is already a part of your door.

Remove the Controller

It will be necessary to remove the slider control that typically opens and closes the blinds.  This is actually pretty easy.  Grab the end away from the track and tilt it out.  Now the control should be free.

You’ll notice on the backside there are two rollers and a series of magnets.  It is the magnets that actually open and close the blinds.  They attach to two pieces of metal inside the track.

Reconnecting to the Blinds

The next step will be reconnecting the controller with the two metal pieces in the door track that control the blinds.  Locate the stop point at the top of the track and insert the controller just below it the same way you removed it previously.  Angle the edge in while pushing the other side down.

Once in the track, the controller should be able to slide up and down.  Position it at the top, and slide it down slowly while listening for a metallic click.  When you hear it, stop sliding.  That will be the sound of a metal piece in the door connecting with the magnets on the controller.   

Now we’ll need to slide the controller down further so it makes a connection with the second metal piece.  It should be close to the first one.  When you hear that second click, your blinds should be reconnected.  Now they will operate smoothly again.

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